Elder Law

The Evans, Evans & Hoffman L.L.P. Elder Law practice counsels individuals on Medicaid and Medicare law. Many times, the issues involving nursing home planning are critically important to our clients.

  • Retirement benefits, both public and private, are also an integral part of Elder Law. Conservatorships and guardianships may be necessary for some of our older clients.
  • Social Security issues as well as long term care needs and discussions of the various long-term care policies are often reviewed and discussed with clients.
  • Supplemental health insurance questions and guidance may also be on the minds of our older clients, and these need to be properly addressed.
  • Finally, reverse mortgages, annuities and lump sum life insurance payouts are reviewed as options to our clients.
  • Attorneys of the Firm also represent clients at Medicare and Medicaid hearings, helping them navigate the uncertainties of these agencies.