Agents of Richwood Title Agency LLC (formerly known as Richwood Title Agency LLP) have closed hundreds of real estate transactions throughout Central Ohio over the past twenty years. Our focus is primarily on agriculture and commercial closings in Union, Delaware, and Marion Counties.


Why Title Insurance:

Purchasing real estate is often one of the largest if not the largest investments someone will make. It is common for Buyers to purchase homeowner’s insurance to protect themselves against any damage or loss to the buildings, however, what about a defect in title? Title insurance offers coverage against defects in title caused by fraud, forgery, incapacity, impersonation or the Seller’s lack of authority to sell the property. The cost of an Owner’s Policy of title insurance is a one-time premium based on the purchase price and covers you for as long as you hold an interest in the real estate.

Services Offered:

  • Drafting of residential and real estate purchase contracts
  • Title examinations on real estate in counties throughout Central Ohio
  • Issue title insurance for residential, commercial, owner’s, mortgage and leasehold policies
  • Clearing of title defects, once determined and assessed
  • Provide closing and escrow services